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About us

Character Technologies, Inc. is based in Menlo Park, CA. We were founded by AI pioneers Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, and we make one of the world’s leading personal AI platforms, Character.AI.

In 2023, Character.AI was named Google Play's AI App of the Year.

Our mission is to empower everyone with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

The Founders

Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas serve as CEO and President of Character.AI, respectively.

A father of the LLM revolution, Shazeer personally invented many of the core components of today’s frontier large language models, including MoE, multi-head attention (Transformer), tensor-parallel LLM training, multi-query attention, SwiGLU, and more.  Prior to the LLM era, he led development of Google’s spelling corrector and the algorithm at the heart of AdSense.

De Freitas was fascinated with chatbots and human-like systems at an early age and followed his passion of creating human-like AI by working on open-ended question answering at Bing.  He then worked at Google, where he created and led the LLM LaMDA (formerly named Meena1), the breakthrough conversational technology project.

They are both committed to pushing the capabilities of technology for the benefit of every person.

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